Welcome to the Out of Office Blonde a Travel Blog!

Hey! I’m Chelsea, a New Jersey native, a 9-5er in NYC, and a travel addict.

From the start of a young age, I’ve always been encouraged to travel by my family. I first started out with cruising all the Caribbean Islands, then to vacationing to Hawaii, Mexico, Europe and parts of the United States.

As I got older – I lost touch with my desire to travel because I inherited responsibilities of working a full time office job and paying bills.

I would scroll through my Instagram feed dreaming to be like some of my friends who seemed to have a limitless supply of money and vacation days and travel bloggers who quit their jobs to travel the world – this just wasn’t an option for me.

I was determined to continue to travel even though I was limited on vacation time and funds. I began a travel savings account and started to plan my next trip. I said a Hail Mary and prayed I’d have enough money to fly to Amsterdam and Paris.

I started the Out of Office Blonde blog to show you that even though you work a full time job you can still travel the world.  Between budgeting, credit card rewards, low budget airlines, and a smart itinerary you can too!

I’m spilling all the tips to inspire you to get out from behind your desk and to get out there and see the world.

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