The Top 5 Reasons Why a Cruise Should be Your Next Vacation

Being a 9-5er can be extremely difficult sometimes especially when you are constantly dreaming of traveling. We’re chained down with work responsibilities, limited vacation time, and budgeted finances.

I was so excited to write this blog post about cruising because it’s one of my favorite ways to travel as a 9-5er! It’s the easiest vacation to plan and a budget friendly way to travel so you can see more than one destination at a time. My two favorite cruise lines to book are Norwegian and Royal Caribbean!

So rack up your vacation time and get ready because after reading this post – you’ll be ready to sail away.

Here are my top reasons as to why your next vacation should be a cruise:

1) You can see multiple destinations in one trip

This is by far the biggest benefit to cruising! You wake up in a new destination every day. This makes it extremely easy to cross off places you’d like to see on your bucket list.

I contribute cruising to my favorite memories and it’s the reason that I’ve been able to travel around the world.

2) You’re never bored!

There are immense amounts of things to do a cruise ship for every one of all ages. Each ship is staffed with a cruise director who plans the activities for the day.

I would wake up every morning and look at the cruise itinerary to see what I wanted to do. They have everything from the men’s sexy legs contest by the pool, BINGO, rock climbing, poolside games, and award winning theater shows.

3) Cost efficient way to travel

Cruising can be one of the most cost efficient ways to travel (depending on where you’re going)!

You unpack once to go everywhere. You don’t need to worry about booking flights or hotel accommodations since a cruise ship is literally a floating hotel. This can be a huge savings of both your money and your time. Especially if you’re not a person who likes to plan.

Meals are also included in the price! You pay one lump sum total and everything is included – excluding some of the premium 5 star restaurants on the ship.

Almost every cruise line offers a drink package that you pay per person per day that includes – liquor, beer, wine and soda. This is a great way to make the most out of your vacation instead of paying per drink.

4) Easy to plan

Cruising is really easy to plan! You should never be concerned about finding excursions to do during each destination or activities during the sea days.

I recommend planning out excursions ahead of time so the most popular ones don’t sell but you can also book them at the concierge desk when you arrive on your first day.

The easiest way to book excursions is to browse the cruising company’s website and look through some of their recommendations. All excursions they feature have been approved by the cruising company and are extremely safe.

5) Fine dining and amazing entertainment

Like I stated before – cruise ships are a real life floating hotels. You never feel like you’re on a boat and there are so many different things you can do.

Cruise ships provide a ton of fine dining options and some of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had. Restaurants can range from Italian, Chinese, French and Spanish depending on the ship. The dining rooms of the cruise ships also provided impeccable service.

Cruise ships also have theaters for some of the shows they put on each night. Most of the shows are award winning and have the same feel as broad way! Tickets are free – just get there at any early time to grab a seat since this is the most popular form of entertainment on the ship.

Those have been my top 5 reasons to cruise especially if you work a 9-5! Leave a comment below of your favorite cruise lines or any questions you may have.

Get out there and set your calendars to out of office.

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