A Hotel and Restaurant Guide to Rome

My Ultimate Guide to Rome wouldn’t be totally complete unless I gave you my recommendations on hotels, a few local restaurants and of course …. the best gelato shops!

Where to Stay

When I booked Rome we decided to get an authentic feel for the city and stayed in boutique hotels. They’re a little smaller than what most of us Americans are used to but the service is out of this world.

I did at least 2 days worth of research to find the best places to stay in Rome for the best prices that fit within my time frame. Be wary that some boutique hotels do not provide AC if you’re going in hotter climate! It’s totally manageable and it’s all about what fits in your budget.

Hotel Artemide – 4 Star Hotel

  • $$
  • Great service
  • Fruit and cheese plates mid-day
  • Amazing location – right in the center of Rome
  • Great authentic Italian breakfast to have when you’re on the go
  • Air conditioning
  • Great location – center city of Rome

Barocco Hotel – 4 Star Hotel

  • $$
  • Great service
  • Felt like a family – made friends with a bartender mid-day who brought us out appetizers to sample from the kitchen
  • Fruit is delivered to the room every morning
  • Air Conditioning
  • Great location – close to Trevi Fountain

Where to Eat

Many of the restaurants you see listed here are actual recommendations from the Roman locals! We had a private driver who drove us around town and to our excursions and he recommended most of these. I can say… the food and wine did NOT disappoint.

Pro tip: The best way to order around Italy is by ordering a few things to try off the menu and share family style. It’s a really great way to try all the different local food without having to stick to one dish.

Don’t be afraid to ask the waiter/waitress what they recommend! Let them know you’re traveling from elsewhere and you want to try the local dishes and wine.

Ristorante Dillà

My pasta dish from Dillà! Make sure to pair it with a glass of wine.
  • $$
  • Best pasta and cheese boards
  • Authentic Italian dishes
  • Wine by the glass and full bottle selections
  • Trendy
  • Family style sharing – order a few dished and share with each other!
  • Great atmosphere – it’s situated off a side street from the Spanish steps

Osteria Berini

  • $$
  • Recommended by our front desk at the Baracco hotel!
  • Reservations are a must – you won’t be able to get in otherwise
  • Authentic Italian food
  • Family owned
  • Wine by the glass and bottle selections
  • Trying truffle is a MUST here – they have truffle everything
  • Friendly staff
  • Local approved

Ristorante Strega

Our pizza from Strega – we ordered many different types while we were here and they were all great!
  • $$
  • Recommended to us by a Roman!
  • Casual dining
  • Close to the Opera House with outside seating
  • Very friendly staff
  • Popular lunch spot for locals
  • Amazing amazing Roman style pizza (we ate here for lunch often)

Gelato Shops!!

Let’s be real – one of the best things about Italy in general is that there’s a gelato shop on almost every corner, plaza and side street.

From trial and error I’ve narrowed it down to my favorite gelato shops in Rome – most were recommended by Romans!

Frigidarium – Out of Office Blonde Top Rated

  • $
  • The BEST gelato in Rome
  • Tons of flavors to choose from
  • Very friendly staff!! I’m new to the gelato game so they helped me try different flavors
  • Location – closer to the Pantheon
  • Pro tip: try the Frigidarium house flavor

When I travel back to Rome I’ll be sure to update my food and hotel guide! This guide is based on Roman recommendations and my own personal experience – I hope you’re able to take a trip soon so you can eat your way through Rome like I did!

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3 thoughts on “A Hotel and Restaurant Guide to Rome

  1. I haven’t been to Rome before but these hotels looks like the type I’d stay in! Love that there are a lot of great foods to choose from. I like your pasta dish and pizza! Glad you had fun there! Hope you’ll go back soon!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


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