Spending a Weekend in Salem Massachusetts

Salem had been on my bucket list for a few years – especially going during the fall season! Over the summer, my two best friends and I decided to plan a trip to the historic and spooky town of Salem.

The streets are charmed with so much American history and the tragic tales of the Salem witch trials. There are so many things to do including a spooky ghost and graveyard tour, many cafes to eat in, visiting the House of the Seven Gables and more!

It’s the perfect fall weekend trip to take – especially if you frequent the East Coast.

Where to Stay

If you want the full experience of historic Salem – I recommend staying in an older hotel or booking a bed and breakfast! It really gives you the feel of living in a quaint little town built on a lifetime of American history.

After researching some hotels online – I opted to stay in the Salem Inn. I found it to be exactly what I was looking for. Budget friendly and historic – there are even some rumors that one hotel room in the inn is “haunted”.

We stayed in a family suite located in a home that was built in 1874. The suite could fit 3-4 people and was had beautiful updated appliances and bathrooms.

OOO Blonde Tip: If you want to visit Salem during Halloween season, you need to book far in advanced. I started looking for hotels around July and most were sold out already.

Check it out below and see for yourself!

The Salem Inn

The Salem Inn
  • Budget: $$
  • Friendly staff – helped us map out the main attractions
  • Updated bedrooms and appliances in a historic 1874 home
  • Located right in the heart of Salem – across from the Witch’s house
  • Fireplaces in rooms
  • Free breakfast available in the morning
  • Free parking
  • Dog friendly!

What to Do

There are so many things to do in Salem, MA during the fall season. You can do anything from visiting the witch shops along the main strip to visiting the Pickering Wharf Marina on the outskirts of town!

Everything is relatively easy to find and within walking distance. Check out my top things to do in Salem to fill your weekend.

The Witch House

Witch House – Salem, MA

The Witch House was a must see considering it’s right across the street from the Salem Inn! It’s the only 17th century house that’s still standing with direct ties to the Salem Witch Trials.

The home was owned by Judge Johnathan Corwin served as a judge for the witch trials and would even bring the accused to this home for further investigation.

There’s a small entrance fee and there will most likely be a line to get in – but its moves fast and is so worth it!

The House of the Seven Gables

So, I wasn’t sure about doing this since I never read the infamous book that this is from but there were so many great reviews on TripAdvisor that I just couldn’t pass it up and it really did not disappoint!

This is a must see if you’re spending time in Salem and the tour is only an hour long. The original piece of the house was built in 1667 by a famous sea captain in Massachusetts.

Seven Gables House

The tour takes you through this old house and shows you how people lives in the 1600s. The second piece of the tour talks about how Nathaniel Hawthorne got his inspiration for the famous book of the House of the Seven Gables. There were so many surprises along the way while we were touring – secret rooms and stair cases and much more.

OOO Blonde Tip: You can buy your tickets right on site!

Witch and Ghost Tour

Visiting Salem during spooky season would not be complete without a witch and ghost tour! I booked my through Spellbound touring and had the best time.

Salem Graveyard

Our night was spent walking through Salem to learn about the witch trials and history. We then payed a visit to the Salem graveyard where most of the actual witches were buried.

OOO Blonde Tip: Book touring tickets in advance! They sell out really fast. I also recommend booking a tour at night to get the full atmosphere of walking through the graveyards and historic streets of Salem. You can book Spellbound Tours online – here!

Visiting the Pickering Wharf Marina

This was one of my favorite parts of our trip! Just less than a mile away from the town of Salem is the Pickering Wharf Marina. It’s so beautiful and it’s a great opportunity for a photo op for the amazing coastlines in Massachusetts.

We spent our last day wandering around the Marina. We first went into all the little antique and boutique shops and then had a psychic reading done for fun!

When you visit the Pickering Wharf I HIGHLY recommend eating at one of the restaurants on the water – Sea level Oyster Bar and Kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed this post on Salem,MA and I hope I’ve inspired you to take a weekend trip!! The best time to go to Salem is definitely in the fall so start planning now. It’s inexpensive and extremely easy to get to if you’re on the East Coast!

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