The Ultimate Guide to Disneyland Paris

A dream is a wish your heart makes… right?! Quoted in the infamous movie of Cinderella.

How about a dream is a wish your heart makes in Paris?

Everything about Disneyland Paris is so enchanting and it transports you to the happiest place on earth from the moment you walk through the front gate.

I knew during my 4 day stay in Paris that I had to dedicate one of those days to checking out Disneyland. Most people don’t know this about me but I’m a huuuuge Disney fan. I’ve been to Disney World in Orlando, FL more times than I can count!

I put together a guide for you on the best tips, rides, and attractions in Disneyland Paris so you can plan your next trip there too.

How Do I Get Tickets?

I cannot stress this enough – buy your tickets online!! They usually have discounted deals if you pre-buy tickets. I saved an additional $20 just from doing so.

They also have great bundle deals if you’re looking to go to both parks and they have bundle for shuttle transportation and park admission. It’s totally worth it.

You can buy your tickets here and make sure your tickets are printed out beforehand or be sure to download the Disney Paris app to buy tickets right from your phone!

Top Attractions and Rides

Before I go into all the rides and attractions you need to see to fill up your day. Make sure you take full advantage of using the FastPass. FastPass allows you to reserve a ride time, you show up at your designated time and then you can cut the general line to get on the ride first!

The park can get extremely crowded especially during peak season and wait times can go up from 1-2 hours. If you’re only there for a day like I was… you have no time to waste standing in line!

Top Rides

Mickey’s Philhar Magic

Big Thunder Mountain

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Pirates of the Caribbean

Star Tours: The Adventure Continues

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain

Top Attractions

Attractions for Disneyland can change from year to year! You can always look online here to view their show times and meet and greets for the specific day you’ll be there.

Any Character Meet and Greet

Visiting Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Disneyland Daytime Street Parades

Illuminations Firework Show (starts at park close)

The Best Place to View the Fireworks

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

If it’s anything you take away from this guide it should be this. Visiting this park can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for most! I know it was for me.

You want to make sure you can view the fireworks as the end of park hours. They’re spectacular and are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

The park gets really crowded and you can risk standing behind someone who throws their child on top of their shoulders and boom… you can no longer see the castle.

Right in Front of the Castle

This one is the hardest to do but if you scope out a spot early on you can get right in front and no one will be obstructing your view

Jolly Holiday Bakery

This is a cool spot because you can sit and still see the fireworks! Even have a pastry while you’re at it. If your tired of walking the park all day and have small kids – this is the best option for you.

Book a VIP Dinner at Walts

If you make a dinner reservation at Walts and book VIP they have an area for viewing the fireworks. About 60 people or so are only allowed in to the VIP room so you need to book this so far in advanced! Def could be worth it.

On Main Street

If all else fails you can always see the fireworks right on Main Street! You may not have a VIP view but you’ll still be able to see the fireworks and parts of the castle. The fireworks are view able from almost anywhere in the park.

No matter what you choose to do in Disneyland Paris – you’ll still have a magical time!

Have you been to all the Disney theme parks? If so, which one is your favorite? Drop a comment below.

xoxo Out of Office Blonde

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